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Gabriela Sierra



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950 silver with jasper and glass


1.4 CM x 4.3CM

Artist Statement

My love for jewelry started with my grandmother; her presence was always announced by the clinking of her bangles and those oversized colorful earrings. I have always echoed my grandmother's love for extravagant jewelry. She saw jewelry as more than just accessories; it was like her secret armor. So, my goal is to make pieces that resonate with our customers' inner boldness – like your own personal superpower in shiny form!

Like my grandmother I embrace color, from vibrant gemstones to unconventional mate rials, every piece is infused with hues that demand attention. My passion lies in crafting bold shapes, captivating textures, and embracing the elegance of asymmetry. Each piece is meticulously designed not just to stand out, but to serve as a source of inspiration, fostering con dence and empowerment in those who wear it.

Every single creation is proudly handcrafted by Sam and me in my Studio in Queretaro Mexico. All pieces are made with 9.50 silver complemented by natural gemstones and glass. We embrace the essence of the slow-made approach, valuing quality over quantity, also committed to sustainability, making sure that all waste generated during our production process nds its way back into the production circle.

Artist bio:
Born in the vibrant city of Querétaro, Mexico, I am a contemporary jewelry maker whose creative journey has taken me on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and artistic expression.

My passion for design and artistry led me to pursue a degree in Industrial Design. Eager to expand my horizons into the world of contemporary jewelry, I embarked on a journey to Florence, Italy, where I took several courses at Alchimia Contemporary School. There, I honed my skills in metalwork and design, setting the stage for my future endeavors.

Upon returning to Mexico, I found myself grappling with the uncertainty that often accompanies creative pursuits. Fueled by self-doubt, I temporarily shifted my focus to urban furniture design, although my love for jewelry never waned, it was quietly simmer ing in the background.

Seeking to expand my knowledge and skillset, I pursued a Master's degree in Packaging Management. This journey led me to diverse industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceu ticals, and chocolates, where I excelled in the world of packaging.

However, it was the unprecedented challenges posed by the global pandemic that became a catalyst for my true passion. During these uncertain times, I summoned the courage to take the leap and establish my jewelry brand. The fear of the unknown was overshadowed by the desire to share my unique creations with the world.
My journey from industrial designer to urban furniture creator to packaging specialist has imbued my jewelry with a unique narrative and a profound love for artistic expression.

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