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Melissa Broek

Cell - Small Blue (Robin’s Egg & Peacock)

Cell - Small Blue (Robin’s Egg & Peacock)

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Cell - Small Blue (Robin’s Egg & Peacock)




liquid enamel on steel with sterling silver posts and backs


W: 1” x H: 1”

Artist Statement

Informed by the intricate life cycles of fungi, insects, and plants, my imagery is a reflection of the microscopic landscapes and cellular structures that shape our natural world. It is a celebration of the unseen textures, patterns, and colors that have evolved over millennia, each serving a purpose in the perpetuation of their species and genera.

Using vitreous enamel and sgraffito, I translate these microscopic wonders into the macroscopic canvas of metal. The fluidity of liquid enamel allows me to capture the delicate intricacies, while sgraffito empowers me to etch narratives into the metal, much like the stories written in the evolutionary pathways of the organisms that inspire me.

Through my art, I aim to spark a dialogue about the often overlooked marvels that surround us—the textures beneath the bark, the hues within a petal, the unseen patterns in a wing—all reminiscent of the astounding mechanisms at play in our environment. It's an invitation to delve deeper, to appreciate the interconnectedness of all life forms, and to recognize the extraordinary within the seemingly ordinary.

By understanding and conversing about these natural intricacies, I hope to cultivate a sense of wonder and respect for the world we inhabit, fostering a connection that transcends the visible and touches the unseen.

Artist bio:
Melissa Broek grew up in Grand Rapids, MI. She graduated from KCAD with a BFA in Furniture Design. Coming from a family of makers, her formative years were spent using sewing machines, looms, torches and other heavy machinery. Today Melissa lives in North Carolina spending her time in the garden, exploring nature, and making things in the Jewelry Studio. Melissa draws inspiration from the life cycle of fungus, insects, and plants, her metalsmithing is based on microscopic landscapes and cell structure. A fondness for mixed materials often informs various combinations of metals, stones, fiber and enamel. Through many craft schools such as, Baltimore Jewelry Center, Arrowmont School, Penland School of Craft and John C Campbell Folk School, she has honed her craft and met many incredible craftspeople along the way.

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