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Isabelle Busnel

Earrings 6

Earrings 6

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Earrings 6




silicone plastic stud


5cm X 3cm

Artist Statement

Isabelle’s work explores all the stereotypes of classic jewellery and gives them a contemporary twist by turning them into silicone rubber earrings, necklaces and magnetic brooches. Silicone rubber is a fascinating material for jewellery and, when appropriately worked, lures viewers into mistaking it for ceramic, plaster, plastic or even glass. They are drawn into grabbing and touching the pieces only to realise it is not what they initially thought it was.
Isabelle’s silicone earrings, brooches and necklaces are rooted into the most traditional heritage through the use of iconic pieces of classic jewellery. Her intention is that their original arrangement, the use of unexpected non-precious material, and the colours used make those pieces visually intriguing and socially communicative.
Each piece is handmade and is a one-off piece or part of a limited edition.

Artist bio:
Isabelle is French and has lived 20 years in London. She just moved back to Paris. After a 15-year career in finance and banking, she felt an urge to express herself in a different way and she decided to retrain academically. She obtained an HND in jewellery in 2008 and a Research MA in 2010, both from the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design (London Metropolitan University).

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