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Cory Glasgow

"Flying Buttons Ring" - Cory Glasgow, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson

"Flying Buttons Ring" - Cory Glasgow, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson

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"Flying Buttons Ring" - Cory Glasgow, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson




sterling silver, resin, copper, turquoise


Size 7

Artist Statement

My work is inspired through patterns we see everyday whether they be in nature or manmade structures. For the pieces for High Low High I really wanted to honor the craftsmanship of Daman and Marie Thompson in creating 200 unique buttons. These buttons are not like anything I have ever worked with and I wanted to merge my aesthetic and the aesthetic of the buttons into one. I looked at the patterns that were embossed in the sterling of the buttons and took elements of those patterns to create larger pieces. I incorporated the turquoise color and various metal colors and finishes to create movement and integrate the different elements into one. My pieces are about showcasing the beauty of the button and the beauty of collaboration, two distinct styles becoming one.
As an artist I see and understand that often artists will be taken advantage of, but this project is really important in highlighting the injustices of retailers taking advantage of the indigenous community. I enjoyed working on this collaboration and honored to be part of artists turning negatives into something precious and beautiful.

Artist bio:
Cory grew up Baltimore, MD, where she received a BFA with concentrations in painting and textiles at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2010. In 2014, she transitioned from her studies at MICA to metalsmithing at the Baltimore Jewelry Center. She has exhibited at various venues such as Artscape, one of the largest free art festivals in the country. Cory recently took a break from creating in order to finish her Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine. Since finishing school she continues to expand her studio and explore new techniques, recently delving into the world of resin and how color can be incorporated into the pieces. . When she is not making she is usually unwinding with her cat Icabod and her puppy Gretel.

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