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Laura Wood

Illuminated Slice Earring (Camo), Long

Illuminated Slice Earring (Camo), Long

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Illuminated Slice Earring (Camo), Long




enamel on copper, sterling silver, powder coat


3 x .75"

Artist Statement

I began my creative practice at an early age in dance and shifted to contemporary jewelry in college.The human form, as a vehicle for self-expression, offers continual inspiration. My work is sculpturally autonomous but is created to have a directrelationship to the body, enhancing one’s silhouette with volume and vibrant color. Recent works bridge an extensive history with powder coat and years of research in sifted and painted enamel. Layers of pigment over hand formed metal shapes merge to embody the idea of transition and serve as loose interpretations of visual memories and life observations. The complex surfaces of resulting works shift with movement and light. These dynamic qualities are fully realized in the performance of wear.

Artist bio:
Laura Wood is a full-time jewelry artist living in Asheville, North Carolina. Laura's creative practice began in dance and shifted to contemporary jewelry in college, at University of Georgia, where she was introduced to jewelry and metalsmithing. A performative arts background continues to influence her work. Sculptural forms are thoughtfully engineered for the body and are intended to contribute to a daily experience.

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