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Gokul Bakshi



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utensil silver (96/4 Ag/Cu)


1” x 1/2” x1/2”

Artist Statement

You can push metal. You can impose on it, stretch it, burn it and thin it to extremes. This is where things get interesting. Different yet familiar forms emerge as I act upon the material. As I impose my ideas on it, it begins to embody my values, my ideas of comfort, familiarity and function.

I am curious about the relationship between subject and object; where the intrinsic properties of a material meet ideas and intentions external to it. If the trajectory of a human being is from birth to death, during which the body and personality grow, evolve, experience and transform, what is the trajectory of a shape? How far can it travel? Where does it come to rest?

Points of Departure is a series of forged jewelry that highlights one focal point of my technical practice at SUNY New Paltz. Forging is a traditional blacksmithing technique that involves manipulating metal with heat, hammer and anvil to bring about transformation from a single chunk of metal.

Artist bio:
Gokul Bakshi is a multidisciplinary artist and educator from New Delhi, India. His practice as a metalsmith is complemented by his exploration of the physical arts capoeira and yoga. His research focuses on challenging the quotidian object and playing with familiarity in form and function. His work is centred around ideas of oneness and community.

In 2018, Gokul completing 5 years in the hospitality industry and founded his own jewelry making and manufacturing practice under the label Metalurso at his home studio in New Delhi, India.

Gokul studied Sculpture at Skidmore College and Is currently pursuing his MFA in Metal at the State University of New Paltz, New York.

His work has been exhibited at several international venues including the Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY), The Tang Museum of Art (Saratoga Springs, NY) and the Boulder Box Gallery (New Delhi, India). Some of Gokul’s sculptures can be found on the Skidmore College campus today.

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