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Namkyung Lee

Scene (2)

Scene (2)

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Scene (2)




silver, photograph printed on acrylic


30 x 110 x 10mm

Artist Statement

There are various spaces around us. Not only 'places', but also many 'things' serve as spaces for certain purposes. Just as important as images in my work is the concept of space. The space that the image shows directly and indirectly can be said to be a metaphorical material that includes an actual place where one stayed in the past, the virtual space where memories are mixed, and the abstract space that reconstructs those memories.

The word ‘space’, which may be an ambiguous and broad concept in some ways, creates an equivocal story that runs through my work. Although the work contains personal images, it may also be a tool for conversation, one that asks viewers to make new stories instead of simply telling my own. This working process directly or indirectly embodies familiar spaces such as rooms, boxes, doors, windows, alleyways, corridors, stairs, and buildings. It also includes notions such as 'closed’ / ‘open’, and 'contained’ / ‘liberated'. The focus of each piece is not simply the visual characteristics of an image. Rather, each piece also contains the purpose and desire for its story to be continued.

I aim to maintain and expand this practice, hoping that many people who want to keep their own things in this randomly created 'space' will sympathize with it - and find room in it for themselves.

Artist bio:
I majored in jewelry design at Kookmin University's Graduate School of Design and is currently working in Seoul, South Korea. I have participated as a Selected Artist in various domestic and international fairs and exhibitions. It has won several awards in competitions held in Europe such as Spain and Italy. My works are currently in the collections of galleries in several countries.

My work takes words such as image, place, frame and space, and shapes the concepts contained within them into abstract forms. I try to induce more diverse appreciation than this through the medium of jewellery.

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