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Heidi Lowe Gallery

Small Circle Hoops

Small Circle Hoops

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Small Circle Hoops


garnet, citrine, aquamarine, chalcedony, peridot, tourmaline


with Garnet Drops: 1 x .5in, 2mm thick gold hoop
with Citrine Drops: 1 x .5in, 2mm thick gold hoop
with Aquamarine Drops: 1 x .5in, 2mm thick gold hoop
with Chalcedony Teardrops: 1.25 x .5in, 2mm thick gold hoop
with Peridot Drops: 1 x .5in, 2mm thick gold hoop
with Tourmaline Drops: .75 x .5in, 2mm thick gold hoop

Artist Statement

Liana Collection, est. 2021

Liana Collection is intended to represent and honor the resilience in each of us. This collection was inspired by the liana vines I saw while traveling. I was initially drawn in by the beauty of their continuous lines, twists, and curves. What really resonated with me was what they symbolize: the incredible power of nature and its ability to grow, thrive and expand despite any obstacles.

It is my hope that the pieces from this collection remind the wearer of their own courage, strength, and resilience as they grow and move through new phases of life.

The Liana Collection is made of solid 14kt yellow or white gold; some pieces feature Montana sapphires or diamonds. Each piece is designed and handmade in Heidi Lowe’s studio in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It is our hope that the wearer of the Liana Collection can feel the care and thoughtfulness that is imbued in each piece as they wear them in everyday life.

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