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Heidi Lowe

"Two Faced" - Heidi Lowe, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson

"Two Faced" - Heidi Lowe, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson

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"Two Faced" - Heidi Lowe, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson




embroidery, sterling silver, turquoise


8 x 11.5 x 1

Artist Statement

This piece, Two Faced, speaks directly to the injustices against indigenous people happening for decades. The situation highlighted by the High, Low, High exhibition is one of a long line of mistreatment that slowly wears away at the hearts and souls of indigenous people. The two-headed monster in this work symbolizes opposites on a higher level: spirit and earthly, dark and light, freedom and control, and rich and poor. It also directly represents the company that agreed to one thing and did another. A corporation intending to do good but ultimately harming the same people meant to benefit.

Embroidered on the front, the bird represents a protector worn across the chest to shield the heart. The two-headed monster is strong and bold but caught in the net of colonialism and capitalism. The embroidery is a nod to the elitist Christian tradition, a technique used to mend clothing, and identifies the worthiness of a woman's domestication.

Guarded within the piece's pocket, a heart held by two hands can be glimpsed. This anatomical heart has hash marks or scars, meant to represent a kept score of the many wrongs and hurts left from cruelty, injustices, and broken promises. The two hands of differing skin tones represent the hope that we can come together to understand and nurture a better future for indigenous people and, therefore, the world.

My wish is that this piece and exhibition would be a tiny stitch to mend the wounds done to the people who inhabited this place long before white people. I intend that in the future, this pocket might carry more good than bad.

Artist bio:
She received her BFA in Metals and Jewelry from Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. Later she received her MFA with a concentration in metals and jewelry from the State University of New York, New Paltz in 2002. Heidi then moved to New York City where her gallery experience began as assistant director at Leo Koenig Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Chelsea. In 2006 she opened the Heidi Lowe Gallery exhibiting contemporary art jewelry. The gallery hosts 6 exhibitions a year, including solo and group shows by internationally recognized artists. The gallery functions as a teaching space and her studio. Lowe creates jewelry drawing on intuition and the history of metalsmithing and shows her work within her gallery as well as at other galleries in the United States. Lowe’s last solo show, Lineage, was shown at Ombre Gallery in Cincinnati and Amend at the Rehoboth Art League. Heidi is a certified IPEC business coach and works with artists and small creative businesses all over the country and Canada.

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