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Gaby Alvarado

"Woven" - Gaby Alvarado, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson

"Woven" - Gaby Alvarado, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson

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"Woven" - Gaby Alvarado, in collaboration with Daman and Marie Thompson




sterling silver, fine silver, turquoise


16 x 7 x 0.25”

Artist Statement

During my time in the university setting, I have strived to forge my personal style and maintain consistency in my designs. I am a believer that less is more. My passion for using pure and simple shape and form has helped my focus on precision, detail, and cleanliness in my work. The materialization of ideas has always been important, as it provides personal satisfaction and the ability to see the results of my effort. Back home in Mexico, my first attempt to find this satisfaction was in culinary school. The process of preparing a dish and presenting it involves precision, composition, and cleanliness. However, my result was ephemeral, it only lasts until you eat it. After culinary training I continued on to architecture school, learning about order, scale, proportion, structures, operation, detail, and absolute precision. Unfortunately, my ideas only existed on plans, sections, and scale models, and this was not enough. I then enrolled in the Department of Art where I took my first jewelry and metalsmithing studio class. Metal was a new material for me, and I quickly discovered how precise, sharp, clean, malleable, and long-lasting it can be. It has been so satisfying to experiment and apply what I have learned in my other courses to this medium; but most importantly, metalsmithing has allowed me to materialize my ideas, either with a sculpture, jewelry, or functional objects. After graduation, I started an internship at Heidi Lowe Gallery in Delaware. This experience has been a significant step in gaining an understanding of myself as a designer and artist, as well as setting myself up for a career in jewelry and metalsmithing. Furthermore, moving away from the border to the northeastern part of the U.S. allowed me to experience diverse cultures which helped me understand and identify deeper with my culture. My art has been a great tool to express these feelings and culture to other people. As an artist I consider it is important to nurture my creativity, it is crucial not to limit my knowledge to what I learn in school or just in one side of the globe.

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