This innovative jewelry studio is only made possible by the talented artists that make thoughtful, unique and custom works of art.

- Heidi Lowe

Earrings Galore 2023-2024

Earrings Galore, is an annual juried exhibition, exemplifying a rich and diverse array of earrings made by emerging and established studio jewelers. Each artist’s unique approach to the earring format will be represented in a cohesive grouping of earrings. The exhibition is intended to create more access for the public to see art jewelry, cultivate connections with the community and provide an opportunity for visitors to add new pieces to their jewelry collections.

Earring Galore will be exhibited at Heidi Lowe Gallery on 119 Front St, Lewes, DE on November 25th and throughout the winter season.

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  • Mantra Bracelet

    Make your very own wearable piece of sterling silver jewelry that has your mantra stamped into it!


    Class Schedule
    (one session):

    February 15, Thursday
    6-8:30 pm

  • Intention Necklace with a Stone

    A great way to start the year and learn something new! Students will create a silver bar pendant with their word of intention for the year.


    Class Schedule
    (one session):

    March 7, Thursday
    6-9:00 pm

  • Stacker Rings

    Learn how to make a stack of rings using three different silver wires


    Class Schedule
    (one session):

    March 14, Thursday
    6-8:30 pm

  • Rings of Intention

    During the Rings of Intention Class, each student will come up with a word of intention; a word that embodies what each student wants to cultivate, nourish and focus on in life.


    Class Schedule
    (one session):

    March 21, Thursday
    6-8:30 pm

  • Statement Rings

    Make a statement with your jewelry!

    Class Schedule
    (four session):

    April 8, 11, 18, 25, Thursday
    6-8:30 pm

Featured Artist

  • Lovely Rings by Hand Workshops

    Are you and your partner searching for the perfect wedding bands? Come to our studio and create your own. We offer workshops for couples who want to make memories while creating the perfect wedding band for their partner. Learn more about the process here.

    Create your own wedding rings 
  • Heirloom Re-Imagined

    Have an heirloom that just isn't your style? Work with Heidi to reimagine the gems and metal into something that suits you while preserving the memories attached to your heirloom. Learn more about the process here.

    Learn more about transforming your heirloom 
  • Connections

    Heidi Lowe Gallery is about relationships as much as it is jewelry. All the connections between and amongst Heidi, her gallery team, artists, clients, students and the community are the heartbeat of the gallery. These continue the connecting flow of interchange, inspiration, appreciation and support that the gallery was founded on.

    Learn more about Heidi Lowe and her gallery here 
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