This innovative jewelry studio is only made possible by the talented artists that make thoughtful, unique and custom works of art.

- Heidi Lowe

Earrings Galore 2024-2025 Call for Entry

Earrings Galore is an annual exhibition featuring diverse earrings by emerging and established jewelers. Each artist's unique approach is showcased in a cohesive grouping of 6 pairs, reflecting intention, attention to detail, and functionality. The event aims to increase public access to art jewelry, build community connections, and offer new additions to personal collections.

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Jewelry with a View

Jewelry with a View is an exhibition featuring Heidi Lowe’s Landscape Jewelry Collections. This work creatively shows how nature is an important source of inspiration. In one collection, she uses silver sheet metal as her canvas and tools as her pencil to make landscape drawings of the local area. The markmaking is made with an engraver, stamps, hammers and roller printing into silver. Her other collection is fully based on the stones and their unique colors, patterns, striations and forms. She marvels at their beauty, and how they are formed in the earth but often look like nature above its surface, like little paintings of clouds, tree branches, or landscapes.

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  • Lovely Rings by Hand Workshops

    Are you and your partner searching for the perfect wedding bands? Come to our studio and create your own. We offer workshops for couples who want to make memories while creating the perfect wedding band for their partner. Learn more about the process here.

    Create your own wedding rings 
  • Heirloom Re-Imagined

    Have an heirloom that just isn't your style? Work with Heidi to reimagine the gems and metal into something that suits you while preserving the memories attached to your heirloom. Learn more about the process here.

    Learn more about transforming your heirloom 
  • Connections

    Heidi Lowe Gallery is about relationships as much as it is jewelry. All the connections between and amongst Heidi, her gallery team, artists, clients, students and the community are the heartbeat of the gallery. These continue the connecting flow of interchange, inspiration, appreciation and support that the gallery was founded on.

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