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Shira Brown

Big Summer Earrings

Big Summer Earrings

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Big Summer Earrings




935 argentium silver, 24k goild foil


2.25" long, 1.25" wide, 8g each

Artist Statement

My work is born through process and crafted with attention to detail. Using layers of mixed metals, riveted connections, geometry and texture, I strive to honor the beauty of the human form and joy of the human spirit. Passion, curiosity and intuition support my continued growth as an artist while my work evolves organically and takes the occasional detour. The idea that no two people are alike drives my mission to create one-of-a kind and collectible art pieces designed to be worn and enjoyed.

Artist bio:
Shira has been an artist and creative since before she could read. She explored many different media during her earlier years. After completing medical school and residency in 2008, Shira poured herself into caring for her young patients and nurturing her 3 children as they grew into confident teenagers over the course of the next decade. In 2019, Shira picked up a torch for the first time at a local metal arts school and reignited something deep within. Continuing to practice as a fully devoted pediatrician through the pandemic, she found joy, solace and hope at her bench and would return home each day to teach herself the skills needed to fabricate wearable art pieces that felt true to her vision. To this day, Shira continues to approach her work with enthusiasm, mindfulness and positivity and is most proud that her art has the potential to bring joy to others and support her ongoing mission to give back to the community in meaningful ways. When not covered in silver dust, she can be found with a stethoscope around her neck or hiking through the forest and enjoying life with her family.

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