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Helen Dorion

Juicy #3

Juicy #3

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Handmade silver with a patina base using blue green, pink, purple, blue, iridescent, orange, gold, red, and indigo beads and sequins, that are securely attached with monofilament


silver, patina, glass seed beads, paillettes


2.25 x 1.25 in

Artist Statement

The environments in which I have lived are a great factor in my artwork. From these surroundings I observed and recorded numerous impressions. This questioning and observing has created a better understanding of where I am from and where my inspirations come from. It is not always the surroundings as a whole, but certain details that are held within that offer interest. I grew up in the North West of England and studied textile design at Liverpool art school. Moved to the South West of the United States after marrying, settling in El Paso, Texas, and and received my Masters in metalsmithing and jewellery design. A far cry from my green and wondrous England. Both worlds offering me environments to explore.

The main focus of my work is the conveyance of the enthusiasm, energy and emotion for what I see and encounter within the natural environment combined with the natural desire to make things. I am constantly exploring new materials to see how they can be incorporated into my work.

Artist bio:
Studio artist with a BFA in textile design and a Masters in jewellery and metalsmithing. Originally from England, have been in the USA for 30 plus years.

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