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Nick Rosin

Lemon Lozenge

Lemon Lozenge

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Lemon Lozenge




sterling silver, lacquer



Artist Statement

This series of earrings is inspired by the wrought piles of metal waste found in scrapyards. I am drawn to these haphazard metal heaps that grow as materials are constantly and forcibly bent and folded together through impact. I find a curious beauty in the juxtaposition and weight of the unapologetic landscape after the mound settles and scrap limbs jut out into the world, unabashedly showing their worn colors and blemishes.

Artist bio:
Nicholas Rosin is a metal and jewelry artist from Toronto, Canada. Rosin received his BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After graduating in 2014, Rosin went on to gain the position of Professional Artist in Residency in 2018 and Local Artist in Residency in 2020 at the Center for Craft Nova Scotia where he continuously held roles as jewelry instructor and studio technician. Adjacent to his roles at the Center for Craft, the artist was also Exhibition Coordinator at Atlantic Canada’s only fine craft gallery, The Mary E. Black Gallery. In 2022, Rosin left Canada to pursue his MFA in Metal Studio Art from the State University of New York at New Paltz. There, he was awarded the Graduate Assistantship to Preparator at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art and the position of Teacher of Record for Intro to Studio Art. Rosin’s current metal work explores a playfully sporadic process that is inspired by irreverence and the coming of age.

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