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Luana Coonen

Light Moon Encasements

Light Moon Encasements

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Light Moon Encasements




silver, 14k, polycarbonate, 23k gold leaf


7/8" circle length: 1.25"

Artist Statement

On hikes and walks, I become fascinated by every dew drop, new spring flower, or fallen insect wings. In awe of these precious specimens, I've trained myself to work with alternative materials including glass and acrylics, to expand the possibilities of my designs. Instead of designing only with traditional precious stones, I often choose to work with natural materials, which have the potential of holding as much value and appreciation as gemstones.

These nature-based lessons reinforced by my passion for creating the smallest footprint possible while creating jewelry. Carefully sourcing my materials: giving new life to recycled gold, repolished antique diamonds, and beach-combed treasures. No matter how 'valuable' of mundane a material, I give each one equal time and care when carefully crafting these pieces.

Artist bio:
Born and raised in the tropics of Hawaii, Luana has an undeniable connection with nature, it's in her blood. Raised by a farmer father and artist mother, she learned to appreciate every unique aspect of nature and how to bring those lessons into an art practice. Her jewelry is focused on the delicate balance between the organic and the manmade.

These nature-based lessons are reinforced by her passion to use found objects and sustainable materials. Pressed fower petals and insect wings often make an appearance in her designs to avoid the mining system. Growing up on a small island taught her at a very young age that everything is connected and we must tread lightly on this earth.

Luana holds a BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing from California Collage of the Arts. She lives in the small town of Paonia, Colorado where she runs a bustling jewelry business which is represented nationwide. Her work has been covered by the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and she is a is a two-time recipient of the Niche award. Luana’s work has been featured in a variety of press, including movies and shows in which her pieces are worn by Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Ray.

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