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Kelsea Carter



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seed beads, paper mache clay, acrylic paint, gold leaf, gold filled earwire.


2.5 x 7.5 inches

Artist Statement

My work speaks to the companionship I have with the metaphysical and material worlds. The concepts of being human and holy, and who or when someone gets to be identified under these terms intrigues me. I always envision holiness when creating, whether I am painting or making a wearable object, in my head they’re already euphoric and ethereal and I am simply creating their symbolic companion. The elements I use are mostly temporal and changing, like we appear to be on earth, but I am consistently expanding the overall imagery to be somewhat out of reach or to be from another land. In that way I am reaching to close the gap a little and remind others that there is more.

Artist bio:
Kelsea Carter is a multidisciplinary artist based in California. Making art jewelry most of her life, she received a BS in Art from the University of Oregon where she dove into every art medium solidifying her into a lifestyle of craft. Obsessed to manifest her mental designs she experiments with mediums as a way of life until she has reached a euphoric goal. Her current methods implementing beadwork, metalsmithing, photography, paper clay, and paint. Kelsea’s work is most often elevating the face and head through sculpture, jewelry or portraits.

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