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Shella Robinson

Static Moves Earrings 2

Static Moves Earrings 2

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Static Moves Earrings 2




sterling silver


Left: 11/16 x 1/4 inches / 17 x 6 mm
Right: 3 5/16 x 1/4 inches / 84 x 6 mm

Artist Statement

These earrings stemmed from a desire to create variations of a very clean minimalist design that looked simple yet sophisticated by using a set of a few constants and even fewer variables. The constants were that the earring pairs were asymmetrical, lightweight, and made of thin, narrow, rectangular strips of silver sheet metal. One earring of the pair is multiple segments connected with hinges that appear to be one solid piece at first glance but subtly swing with the body’s natural shifts of movement, while its pair is one static strip of sheet metal. The variables were the number and length of segments implemented.

This study proved to be a meditation of the mind, process, and making to achieve the precision and patience needed to create the intended alignment, movement, quality, and aesthetic. It served as an important example for me of how putting in the effort, time, and work to keep persevering and being creative throughout the processes of constructing and reconstructing, and devising and implementing better systems as needed can result in work that I am proud of.

Artist bio:
Shella Robinson was born in Seoul, Korea, grew up in New Hampshire, was a decades long Brooklyn resident, and currently lives in Lewes, DE. She is the owner of Art Consultants Group, which is based in New York City and provides art advising and a full range of art services to private collectors, and corporate and business clients. After a B.F.A. at the University of Oregon and an M.F.A. at SUNY, New Paltz, both degrees in Metals and Jewelry, she worked at a prominent fine art gallery in NYC for years then became an art advisor. For 20 plus years, Robinson has taught numerous jewelry and metals classes at venues such as SUNY New Paltz, at the 92NY in New York City, Heidi Lowe Gallery and the Crafts Student League of New York. Her one-of-kind work has been exhibited in shows nationwide at venues such as Kohler Arts Center, Aaron Faber Gallery, New York, NY, and Facere Jewelry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA and Heidi Lowe Gallery in Delaware.

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