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Elise Thompson

Tsavorite Peek-A-Boo Hoops with Tahitian Pearl and Gemstone Charms

Tsavorite Peek-A-Boo Hoops with Tahitian Pearl and Gemstone Charms

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Tsavorite Peek-A-Boo Hoops with Tahitian Pearl and Gemstone Charms




14k yellow gold, tsavorite garnet cabs, green tourmaline cabs, amethyst cabs, tahitian pearls, peacock pearls


1.2” long x .4” wide

Artist Statement

Mejia fine jewelry was founded by Elise Thompson and embodies a playful and refined aesthetic to bring you JOY! Elise is creating future heirlooms using precious metals, diamonds, and colored gemstones and creating a tactile relationship between the jewel and the wearer.
The word Mejia (pronounced May-ah) means “wear it in good health” and is wished upon someone buying something new or receiving a gift. When someone purchases a handcrafted piece of jewelry from Elise, they are wished to wear the new jewel in good health and happiness.

“I’ve been creating jewelry since I was a child. I can remember sitting on the floor in my childhood bedroom, beading pearls, and semi-precious beads in delightful and playful color patterns. You could say that jewelry is in my DNA. I have been surrounded by gemstones ever since. Growing up within a family business in the gemstone wholesale trade, I’ve always been fascinated with colored precious rocks; the way they sparkle, their million-year-old history, and the idea of creating wearable future heirlooms with these gems.”

Elise handcrafts every piece of jewelry by hand using the lost wax process. With pink and green wax, sheets, blocks, and wire, Elise sculpts, carves, and builds miniature adornments. Once the wax is complete, it is sent to a local caster in New York City and transformed into precious gold, silver, and platinum. Elise cleans and polishes every piece laboriously. The artist’s hand is exposed in every detail. Finally, the jewel is complete, and ready to be worn in health and happiness, bringing its new owner JOY!

Artist bio:
After studying economics and art history at Clark University in Worcester, MA, Elise went on to obtain her MBA in International Business. First working in internet marketing, after 5 years it was time to change careers and succumb to her passion; gemstones and jewelry. Elise worked in the wholesale gemstone industry in New York City alongside her father for 15 years, while getting her Graduate Gemological degree from GIA in Florence, Italy.

Elise studied wax carving and the lost wax method of jewelry making with renowned master jeweler, Fred de Vos in NYC for the past 20 years. She is always learning new methods and incorporating metalsmithing within her work. Elise has developed signature textures, designs, and unique settings, becoming a master at her craft. She is forever curious and often references and researches her vast collection of jewelry books.

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