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Alejandro Palencia

Archetype 8

Archetype 8

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Archetype 8




.925 sterling silver


12 x 7cm

Artist Statement

Nature is continuously expanding and contracting. Nothing is flat and everything is in constant motion. I deeply understand that this is how everything in life flows. By studying nature's forms and its’ sacred geometry- the fractals- I am able to understand more about myself, because we too, are created and continue living and breathing in this way. My jewelry reflects the movement

and the sacred geometry of Mother Nature. When I’m in the studio transforming metals or bending wire to create a piece, I am not only creating these pieces, the pieces are also creating me- as an individual and as an artist. I prefer to work in wire, the material that first ignited my hands to create magic.

I created the collection Geomágica in 2020, inspired by the immense cordilleras and mountains of Colombia. Since the first designs, the collection has continued to evolve, just like my journey as an artist. This evolution took my earlier 2D designs inspired by pre-Columbian art to 3D designs- adding volume and dimensions of the fractals to my jewelry.

As an artist, I feel gratitude and joy to be able to transmit feelings, knowledge and emotions through my work. I feel inspired and proud to share about the biodiversity, culture and vast landscapes of my country through my designs, which also provides me an opportunity to inform and represent beautiful Colombia. I do what I love and find great satisfaction in creating unique jewelry that makes my clients happy.

Artist bio:
As a teenager in Medellín, Colombia during the late 90s and early 2000s Alejandro Palencia walked the streets surrounded by artists and artisans in constant observation of his surroundings- the positive, negative and everything in between. From everything he explored on the streets, Alejandro most enjoyed handmade crafts; the ability to create with his hands and the opportunity to earn a living by doing so. Alejandro first began his career as a street artisan working with macramé, wood, paint and other mediums. What he found most fascinating and enjoyable was creating jewelry using wire wrapping techniques. Learning and practicing while surrounded by constant noise, lots of people, and many different energies was like a bohemian school in the middle of the chaotic city for Alejandro. Over time, his style, language, and identity as a Medellín artisan began to emerge. He traveled throughout Colombia, Ecuador and Perú to learn more about himself and his art, his country and South America. Over the years Alejandro became more inclined to work with metals and natural stones and decided that he wanted to take his career and passion further. He later returned to Medellín where he earned his Technical Certification in Fine jewelry and Design from Uniminuto in Bello, Antioquia. Since his first explorations more than 20 years ago, Alejandro has created his own unique fusion which combines traditional filigree, fine jewelry and South American artisan wire wrapping techniques that he likes to call fractal jewelry, inspired by nature’s geometry. Alejandro lives in the mountains of Boyacá, Colombia where his studio overlooks a lush green pasture of roaming goats and cows. When Alejandro is not in the studio, he enjoys traveling, cycling and gardening.

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