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Alejandra Campos Taylor

Blue studs

Blue studs

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Blue studs




sterling silver + lapis lazuli


Artist Statement

We can only perceive what we know. We see through our culture, what we are surrounded by and what we have learned to like. It is only through experience that we learn to appreciate new things. It is not difficult to be stimulated by and instantly appreciate beauty or pleasure but it’s discomfort and ugliness that create a deeper impression in our experiences. I use the platform of jewelry, the very intimate relationship between humans and these objects, to create spaces for contemplation and allow the user to take a closer look at other universes that we might find uninteresting, soulless or strange at first. Using metals and natural stones, I create jewelry pieces with minimalist and brutalist influences that remind us of machines, industry and inhospitable architecture. Elements that act as pillars of our contemporary lives and simultaneously so rejected. Ordinary structures that are ignored and seem almost foreign. In these forms I seek to confront and find a meeting point between the man-made, always trying to impose itself on the universe, and the powerful ever evolving Nature that gently cracks in.
By means of acknowledgement and reappreciation I believe I share new approaches to pleasure, in small details and unexpected places.

Artist bio:
Alejandra Campos Taylor (1987) is a contemporary jeweler based in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Her works emerge from the abstraction of industrial processes, machines, architecture and counterpoints beauty and function. Alejandra uses such elements as a means to create contemplative spaces that allow us to acknowledge subtleties in the materials used. Her work lies where meaning and form converge. Her vision is materialized in a language of her own, with brutalist and minimalist influences.
CamposTaylor, her wearable jewelry brand, aims to export those abstractions and motives to everyday jewelry.
She started her career as an independent jeweler in 2013 after graduating as a Chemical engineer. She completed her studies as a Master of Fine Arts, Jewellery and Gemstones at the University of Applied Sciences Trier in Idar-Oberstein, Germany in 2020. Her works have been exhibited in various European countries, Brazil, China and Mexico.

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