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Jewelry by Heidi Lowe

14k Gold Connected Hearts Bracelet with Silver Chain

14k Gold Connected Hearts Bracelet with Silver Chain

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14k Gold Connected Hearts Bracelet with Silver Chain




14k gold, sterling silver


3/8" x 7"

Artist Statement

The Connected Heart Series was born out of a group of morning meditations that we were doing daily during the first months of the pandemic. They were centered on coherence and connection which was so needed during a time when we were all separated. One of my visualizations was glowing bright gold hearts all over the globe being connected together. Each Connected Heart piece can be custom made with the desired number of gold hearts and the length of the chain. We make the Connected Heart Series with gold hearts linked together with silver chains. The hearts can represent family members, goals achieved, anniversaries or anything meaningful to the wearer. Each is one-of-a-kind, expect slight variations in shape and size.

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