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Raïssa Bump

Constellation EARRINGS: Delicate Mini

Constellation EARRINGS: Delicate Mini

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Constellation EARRINGS: Delicate Mini


oxidized sterling silver, matte gray beads


½ x ⅜ inch

Artist Statement

Raïssa’s jewelry is widely collected and has been included in various Lark Book publications and in the pages of Metalsmith magazine. She teaches workshops at Penland, Haystack, Arrowmont amongst others, for 10+ years has volunteered with AJF — recently as board chair, and founded Reset in 2015 whose mission is to educate others to be attentive to their bodies’ signals and provide them with practical Self-Tuning techniques so that they can continue creating.

Artist Bio:
Raïssa received a BFA in metals from RISD and studied in Italy at Alchimia. She’s well versed at making both one-of-a-kind pieces and edition collections - all of which speak to her interest in wearable arts, textiles, and slow & methodical handwork. Raïssa is a keen observer of her environment, curious, and enjoys adventure. Her jewelry is a reflection of this. Through teaching, facilitating, and writing, she offers ideas and practices about jewelry technique, creative process, and professional practices (including atypical ones related to wellness, mindset, habits) and how they integrate with our day-to-day lives. Her intention is in supporting others to flourish and build sustainable habits and rewarding endeavors.

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