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Yael Pilo

Rebirth Earrings L

Rebirth Earrings L

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Rebirth Earrings L




sterling silver, gemstones, polymers


20 mm

Artist Statement

I am Yael, a jewelry designer.
My creative process is profoundly influenced by the materials I work with. I find that my ideas often emerge from the materials themselves. I dedicate time to studying them, delving into their inherent qualities, and understanding their capabilities and limitations.

My driving ambition is to breathe life into seemingly static materials by carefully combining a diverse array of materials. Each one complementing the others. Through meticulous, handcrafted details and layers, these components evolve into three-dimensional treasures that possess a sense of vitality and motion.

In my mind's eye, my jewelry is in constant dialogue with the wearer, dynamically moving and adorning the body.

My approach blends traditional craftsmanship techniques with alternative production methods, encompassing a wide spectrum of materials such as silver, gold, gemstones, polymers, textiles, paper, and more.

Each piece of jewelry I create is a unique, individual entity, telling a personal and emotional story. I firmly believe that jewelry should be as distinctive as the individuals who wear it. Ultimately, each piece is an object that encapsulates a world of emotions and memories, allowing one's inner desires to be expressed when worn

Artist bio:
A jewelry designer living and creating in Israel.
design graduate of the jewelry design department of Shenkar College of Design & Engineering, 2019. Combines classic goldsmithing with alternative production techniques in a variety of materials presented my jewelry in several places in Israel.

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