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Jewelry by Heidi Lowe

Teardrop Opalized Wood Pendant with Palm Tree

Teardrop Opalized Wood Pendant with Palm Tree

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Teardrop Opalized Wood Pendant with Palm Tree


sterling silver, opalized wood


1" x 0.7" / 30 x 17 mm, 21" chain

Artist Statement

Landscape Series, est. 2006

The Landscape Series is fully inspired by the stones and my awe of nature. I marvel at not only the beauty of the stones but also how they are formed and how that affects what they look like: unique patterns, lines, stridations, colors, and forms. I love how in nature what is below the surface visually mimics what is above the surface. Stones are made in the earth but often look like nature above it, like clouds, tree branches or a bird’s eye view of a desert landscape. Most of the pieces in this series have an image on the back that is directly informed by the stone; it tells me what the image will be. It is a special part just for the wearer and is made by hand sawing a cut-out in the backside of the silver setting.

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