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Meghan Patrice Riley

Triplet Post Earrings (Max)

Triplet Post Earrings (Max)

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Gold/Silver Two-Tone


Flexible, light woven stainless steel mini cable finished with nylon for a smooth feel. Each piece is hand finished with little accents of sterling silver and 14k gold-fill.



Artist Statement

I create light and kinetic, wire jewelry. With a background in math and geometry, each piece is inspired by volumetric forms and is fabricated by hand. Using sterling silver and gold fill tubing with nylon-coated steel wire as fiber; I am able to form small line segments to create geometric shapes and forms that are lightweight, flexible, and adapt to the wearer. Geometric shapes were chosen as the foundation because they are simple, basic, and elementary but can be expounded on to create multi-dimensional forms. Each form acts like a link to interconnect with other forms creating an even larger volumetric structure. The resulting pieces are extremely light, web-like structures that have glints of precious metal connectors amongst the flexible metal wire.

I feel that I am doing contemporary work that bridges design, fashion, and art fields. I experiment with quotidian materials like miniature bridge cabling, industrial ball chain, electrical wire, safety pins, and findings mixed with fine metals to reinterpret them to create collections that are industrial but feminine and wearable. I continue my experimentation to create beautiful and functional, sculptural collections that find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

I love finding the intersection of art, design, and fashion- my collections have received numerous attention and awards in the fashion and art worlds. I have participated in solo art and juried group shows as well as winning the Raphael Founder Prize for innovation in small metals from the Society for Contemporary Craft. Additionally, I've been featured in several NYC runway shows which resulted in a semi-finalist position for the Ecco Domani Fashion Fund and the Design Entrepreneurs of NYC Program through the Fashion Institute for Technology. I am a self-taught metalsmith and artist with an academic background in community economic development work from UC Berkeley which is why I think I am so drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of what I design.

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