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Barbara Seidenath



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Post earrings with red or enamel lime & turquoise enamel




oxidized sterling silver, enamel red


1 ¼ x ½ ”

Artist Statement

Trained as a goldsmith, I employ a range of traditional techniques to create contemporary, personal ornaments. I enjoy working on a scale related to the body, being concerned with minute details and at the same time considering who will wear it, the context in which the piece is worn, and how it will communicate. I am deeply interested in the fact that a piece of jewelry can operate on multiple levels simultaneously and that personal ornament continues to be an essential part of our complex human visual and psychological communication and exchange systems.
Color represents another essential part of our human experience.
Since I started training in my profession, I have been engaged in incorporating color in my creations in ways other than by colored gemstones. When I discovered enamel, I was excited by the seductive colors, luscious surfaces and the luminosity and its permanence.
I was fortunate to study with the influential goldsmith and artist, Hermann Jünger at the Academy in Munich. His unconventional and painterly approach to jewelry and enameling had a huge impact on my perception what this medium offers as a means of artistic expression. A rigorous study of historic examples added to my understanding what can be done with this material.
Over the years I continued to explore enamel, initially working exclusively with opaque enamels in bold primary colors. Departing from my previous subject matters, I started to pursue an investigation of depth and surface in 1999. Switching to working exclusively with transparent colors and employing techniques related to print making, allowed me to focus on the depth one create within a piece and resulted in a series of complex 3-dimensional brooches and large hand ornaments.
As at subject matter, natural phenomena continue to be a source of inspiration and I am interested in designing small collections as well as one-of-a kind pieces.

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